Create responsive, well-tested email templates without code

Sidemail no-code editor is the simplest way to craft a professionally-looking, responsive email templates that won't break in Outlook. Just upload a logo, pick brand colors, and you're ready to start sending in style.

Jump start email integration with pre‑made email templates

To give you the best starting point, we researched hundreds of emails and crafted a well-spelled email for every occasion. And, if you need it, you can modify every bit of it.

  • Account activation
  • Receipt
  • Message notification
  • Canceled subscription
  • Usage warning
  • Sign in alert
  • Single sign-on
  • Welcome
  • Billing issue
  • Trial expired
  • Product feedback
  • Password reset

Deliver in style with perfected email layout

We noticed that emails from the top companies have a similar layout, and follow the same rules, so, we reviewed hundreds of emails, and come up with the perfect design, which you can customize to fit your brand in a couple of clicks.

  • Completely white-label—upload your logo and match your brand colors.
  • Looks great on mobile and is responsive. With more than 50% email opens coming from mobile, this is a necessity.
  • It comes with built-in dark mode support. We did extensive hands-on testing in all email clients, read more here.

Stand out in any inbox:

...“I really wanted it to look gorgeous“...

“I wanted something a bit easier so I didn't have to do all the template legwork, and this project, I really wanted to look gorgeous“...“I spent a couple of hours standing up some html templates in their editor. From there, it's as easy as calling up the template name and passing in some variables and everything sorta just works.“ – Jimmy, Repobox founder

No needless complexity

We abstracted all the code that makes a rock-solid email behind a nice looking UI from which you assemble your reusable email template like a Lego. All without opening a single Stack Overflow tab.

  • No clutter, just the essentials: paragraphs, titles, links, buttons, images, tables, lists, and a few more.
  • Inspired with the idea of convention over configuration, the no-code editor is a productivity booster that doesn't get in your way.

Broken email sucks

Noone enjoys debugging broken emails in Outlook when you could be doing many more interesting things. Well, good news, you won't have to! We continuously test emails in all major email clients to ensure a consistently good-looking result in all environments.

Consistent in every email client
  • Mobile: Gmail, iOS 9.3+, Android 4.4+, ...
  • Web: Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, ...
  • Desktop: Apple Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, ...

Developer experience is one of our top features

So, how do I send this email template via API, again? No need to break the focus, Sidemail automatically generates working code snippets for all your email templates.

  • Variables

    Add recipient-specific information to your email when making send email API request. Useful for personalized URLs, text, and more.

  • Easy management

    Create an email template. Edit content. Save. Your repository stays lean even with dozens of templates in usage.

  • Device preview

    Be sure your email will look gorgeous on every device. See how it looks by switching the desktop/mobile preview.

Sending in minutes

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P.S. we can’t keep up the landing pages with all the new stuff we daily ship into Sidemail, so best if you try it and see for yourself! — Patrik & Kristyna