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Send up to 1k emails per month. Comes with no-code email editor, API, automation, unlimited projects, and every other feature we offer. All you need in one plan.

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What's included

Get 5+ tools for one price with Sidemail

All for transactional emails

  • Email API & webhooks
  • No-code email editor
  • Email templates
  • Email sending history
  • Simple DKIM
  • Simple analytics
  • Suppression list
  • Code snippets
  • Dedicated sending IPs
  • Prioritized delivery
  • Simple domain verification

All for email outreach

  • Simple newsletters
  • Email templates
  • Contact groups
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Simple analytics
  • Image CDN
  • Email automation
  • Schedule email delivery
  • Unsubscribe handling
  • White-label design
  • Open tracking (or turn off)
  • Bounce handling

All for email templates & email design

  • No-code email editor
  • Template properties
  • Global design
  • No-code email templates
  • Upload a logo
  • Choose color scheme
  • 500+ Google fonts
  • No code required
  • Dark mode (@media)
  • Completely white-label
  • Real-time preview
  • Customize preheader
  • Responsive design
  • Tested in all email clients

All in one place

  • Stripe integration
  • Contact search & filters
  • Contact properties
  • Contact API
  • Subscribe forms
  • Email reports
  • Multiple projects
  • Adjust sending limit

Common questions

Can I adjust my monthly sending limit at any time?

Yes, adjust your monthly sending limit at any time without penalty or hassle. Both increase and decrease changes in the sending limit are immediate — no wait for the next billing cycle. When you increase the sending limit, we charge you immediately a calculated amount based on the previous sending limit and the days left in the billing cycle.

What happens if I exceed my monthly sending limit?

If you exceed your monthly sending limit, you will be billed for extra usage at the end of your billing cycle. The cost is calculated for 1,000 emails, based on your plan pricing. The cost calculation:
Overage cost per 1,000 emails = (Your plan price / Your plan's email limit) * 1,000
Furthermore, you can upgrade your plan at any time if you anticipate higher sending needs.

Will I be charged when my trial ends?

No. We don't ask for your credit card to start the trial. Only enter payment details when you're ready to upgrade. If not, no hurt feelings.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, cancel at any time. There's no minimum contract for Sidemail — cancel at any time with one click, no questions asked.

Need a custom plan?

Need a higher monthly sending limit? Looking for other customization? Let us know about your requirements — we're ready to tailor a custom quote. Get in touch.

Nothing could beat Sidemail

“We were absolutely blown away by how awesome the Sidemail offering has been for us at Quicka. We looked at rolling our own and leveraging existing providers but nothing could beat Sidemail for simplicity and ease of use for beautiful transactional emails. Thanks Patrik and the team!“

Nick Glynn photo
Nick Glynn
co-founder and CTO of Quicka

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