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About Sidemail

Sidemail is an all-in-one email delivery platform mainly focusing on SaaS businesses. It covers everything for delivering and managing emails – transactional emails, email marketing, email automation, contact profiles management, and subscribe forms. What developers and business owners appreciate the most is its easy integration, intuitive UI, and amazing customer care.

Sidemail was founded in 2018 and is based in the EU.

Popular solutions

  • Email sending API
    Start sending transactional emails like password reset or welcome emails from your application in just a few minutes – Sidemail makes it incredibly easy to create, maintain, analyze, and deliver beautiful transactional emails.
  • Product updates & newsletter
    Send product update emails (newsletters) and let your users know what’s new in your product with Messenger. It’s as easy as sending an email directly from your Gmail account, except you can send to all users and see the stats.
  • Automated email sequences
    Set up email automation to deliver your email or sequence of emails when a defined event happens — for example, user sign-up. Use it to onboard new users, convert them into paying customers, and minimize churn.
  • Hosted subscribe forms
    Collect subscribers effortlessly without touching a code. Sidemail subscribe forms are simple to set up, easy to share, and you can customize them to fit your brand.
  • Contact management
    All your subscribers in one neatly organized place that always has enough room. Collect email addresses, and grow your email list with simple to set up subscribe forms that are easy to share.
  • No-code email editor
    Create responsive, well-tested email templates without code – Sidemail no-code editor is the simplest way to craft professionally-looking, responsive email templates that won't break in Outlook. Just upload a logo, pick brand colors, and you're ready to start sending in style.


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  • Primary variant – The primary logo variant combines the Sidemail symbol and wordmark. It is the main Sidemail logo and should be used in this form whenever possible.
  • Invert variant – The invert logo variant features a white wordmark and should be used on dark backgrounds.

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