Email toolkit made for SaaS startups

Sidemail is the all‑in‑one email toolkit that we wish existed for our previous SaaS startup — gives you head start, helps you follow the best practices, and is simple to work with.

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Send transactional emails via API

Start sending emails like password reset or welcome email from your application in just a few minutes — Sidemail makes it incredibly easy to create, maintain, analyze, and deliver beautiful transactional emails.

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await sidemail.sendEmail({
	toAddress: "",
	fromName: "Startup name",
	fromAddress: "",
	templateName: "Single sign-on",
	templateProps: { url: "" },

Make it yours in 5 clicks

With Sidemail, you get a beautiful email design that you can fully customize — upload a logo, pick the right colors, and your favorite font (it makes such a huge difference!). Turn off the layout and send text-based emails to feel more personal.

Mobile-responsiveSupports all email clientsWhite-labelDark-mode500+ Google fonts
An example of email with syntax-highlighted code snippet
An example of receipt email
An example of weekly statistics report with bar chart
An example of welcome email with customized design
An example of text-based email
An example of email in dark mode

Stress‑free email delivery

You’ll appreciate our robust email delivery that has been battle-tested by giants like Netflix, Stripe, Coinbase, HBO, Vodafone for almost a decade.

Under the hood

Sidemail is built upon Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and uses Amazon’s mail servers, which means highly reliable email delivery that scales extremely well.

Plug’n’play with Stripe

Get your customers into Sidemail from Stripe in 10 seconds, no code required. Then, send product update emails, and turn on automated emails that help convert, engage, prevent churn & more.

  • One click import
  • Always up-to-date data
  • The fastest way to get started
Stripe integration graphicStripe integration graphic

Nothing could beat Sidemail

“We were absolutely blown away by how awesome the Sidemail offering has been for us at Quicka. We looked at rolling our own and leveraging existing providers but nothing could beat Sidemail for simplicity and ease of use for beautiful transactional emails. Thanks Patrik and the team!“

Nick Glynn photo
Nick Glynn
co-founder and CTO of Quicka

By far the easiest email service

“Sidemail is by far the easiest email service I have used. I was up and sending welcome emails in 10 mins. That’s it. It can send transactional, marketing and newsletter emails. It support dark mode from get go and is ready for different email clients. All you have to do is upload two different icons for light and dark themes.“

Hari Krishna Dalipudi photo
Hari Krishna Dalipudi
founder of Visalist

Everything sorta just works

“I wanted something a bit easier so I didn’t have to do all the template legwork, and this project, I really wanted it to look gorgeous... I spent a couple of hours standing up some html templates in their editor. From there, it’s as easy as calling up the template name and passing in some variables and everything sorta just works.“

Jimmy Lipham photo
Jimmy Lipham
founder of Repobox

Exactly what I needed

“My app messages sent with PHP mail() ended up in spam. I’m no email expert, and Sidemail seemed to do exactly what I needed, so I replaced mail() with a code snippet from Sidemail, and it just worked. I had some trouble setting up DNS, so I contacted the Sidemail support and quickly got a helpful response that resolved my issue.”

Rik Schennink photo
Rik Schennink
founder of Doka

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P.S. we can’t keep up the product pages with all the new stuff we daily ship into Sidemail, so best if you try it and see for yourself! — Patrik & Kristyna

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Bird's-eye-viewMultiple projectsAdjust sending limit at anytime

Meet the makers: a tiny 2‑person startup

Hi there! We’re a tiny 2‑person startup, 100% bootstrapped. When we needed Sidemail, it didn’t exist. Integrating transactional emails into an app felt like reinventing the wheel. To sent product updates, it was a nonstop struggle with unnecessarily complicated marketing tools. So in 2018, we challenged ourselves to fix that — build Sidemail. In the words of Ross Edgley, we were naive enough to start, stubborn enough to finish.

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