The simplest way to send transactional emails.

Sidemail makes sending transactional emails trivial, it's perfect for side projects, MVPs or the next big thing.

Designed for developers

The Sidemail API is a modern JSON API specificly developed to help you get things done. Send welcome emails, password resets, receipts and more with just a few lines of code.

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// The API will likely change before Sidemail Beta

// Require Sidemail library and set your API key.
const sidemail = require("sidemail")({
  apiKey: "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",

// Use a premade template.
const template = sidemail.template("welcome");

// Send account activation link to "".
await sidemail.send({
  to: "",

Take your communication to the next level

Use beautiful templates

Save yourself from headaches while wasting precious hours trying to create a good looking email, use one of many lovely emails that we handcrafted, and battle tested.

Leave no thoughts behind

Inspired by the world's best companies, we crafted the perfect generic copy for each type of message proofread and edited by at least two professionals.

Keep control of your brand

Sidemail is designed to give you the best looking starting point that matches your brand with just a few clicks, and if you're a bit of an artist yourself, you can fine-tune pretty much everything.

Instant access to
templates for any occasion

    Account activation
    Password reset
    Single sign-on (SSO)
    New features
    Usage warning
    Trial expiration
    Downtime notice
    Account termination
    User invitaion
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Reach your goals faster
by writing code that matters

Sidemail comes with ready to use email templates, texts, CSS inlining, error handling and more. All packed into simple to use API. This means you spend less time fixing bugs, fewer headaches, and less angry users. All while building a better relationship with your users.

Options every maker should have

Flexible pricing

Forget about complicated pricing tiers. Only pay for the emails you send with our flexible pricing.

Organised dashboard

See your sending history with a delivery rate, set API defaults or simply send emails directly within the UI.

First hand support

In case you ever need a hand or have a question on how something works, you'll get it right from the founder.

Ready to give
Sidemail a spin?

Send 10 000 emails per month for free.

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Not sure yet? Check the docs.

Easy to follow guides and examples, we promise.

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