Fast and easy way to send application emails with API

Sidemail makes implementation of emails such as password resets, receipts and similar to your app seamless. Use pre-built email templates or create your own with no-code editor. Send with our API.

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Email delivery that you can count on

We all know the story. Nobody likes to wait for a password reset email that takes too long to deliver. Even worse if it ends up in the spam folder and you can't find it!

Sidemail solves this problem by using battle-tested tools for reliability and light infrastructure to achieve maximum delivery speed.


  • Reduce wait time
  • Prevent spam folder
  • Minimize your costs
Email delivery

No-code email editor

Create branded emails with your logo and matching your brand colors with simple-to-use, no-code email editor.

  • Supports all email clients
  • Upload a logo and match brand colors
  • Pre-generated API code snippets
No-code email editor

Pre-made email templates

Get ahead with pre-made email templates that we crafted based on our research of hundreds of emails. It gives you the best starting point, and you can modify every bit of it.

  • Account activation
  • Receipt
  • Message notification
  • Canceled subscription
  • Usage warning
  • Sign in alert
  • Single sign-on
  • Welcome
  • Billing issue
  • Trial expired
  • Product feedback
  • Password reset

Key metrics

Take out the guesswork and learn how your users interact with emails. Analyze charts and get a broad understanding of your email delivery or visit sending history to gain in-depth insights into a specific email.

  • Total deliveries and users
  • Bounces, spam complaints and opens
  • Individual email preview in sending history

Sending history

Get a comprehensive overview of every email you send. See the email preview, timeline, status, and more. Want to see information about the specific email you sent year ago? No problem, Sidemail gives you unlimited access to email history.

  • Unlimited searchable email history
  • 30-day full email preview
  • Email activity timeline

Simple to get started

Start sending transactional emails from your application in no time. Sidemail API is extremely simple to use, and with pre-generated code snippets for every email template it's so easy to get started!

No-code email templates
await sidemail.sendMail({
  fromAddress: "",
  toAddress: "",
  templateName: "Single sign-on",
  templateProps: { url: "" },

Wait! There is more…

  • Variables

    Add recipient-specific information to your email by using variables. Useful for links, dates, amounts.

  • Your domain & DKIM

    Use your own domain for sending. For the best delivery results, we automatically set up DKIM and SPF.

  • First-hand support

    Sidemail is built out by two real people. If needed, you'll get the helping hand right from us.

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