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Sidemail makes implementation of emails such as password resets, receipts and similar to your app seamless. Use pre-built email templates or create your own with no-code editor. Send with our API.

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Email delivery that you can count on

We all know the story. Nobody likes to wait for a password reset email that takes too long to deliver. Even worse if it ends up in the spam folder and you can't find it! Sidemail solves this problem by using battle-tested tools for reliability and light infrastructure to achieve maximum delivery speed.


  • Reduce wait time
  • Prevent spam folder
  • Minimize your costs

Create emails with no-code template editor

Building HTML emails is hard. You have to worry about supporting dozens of email clients and use tables for layout. Sidemail email template editor is a simple‑to‑use, no‑code solution for this problem.

All email clients

Optimized for all major email clients and it's mobile responsive.


You can add dynamic data by using variables. Useful for links, dates, amounts.

Easy management

One template or twenty. No overhead. Your repository stays lean.

Watch making a password reset email

Get greater overview

See how many emails you sent and check if there were any bounces or spam complaints. All displayed on lovely charts that are easy to understand. Browse the sending history and view the details. You'll always know what's happening.

30 days of sending history

Bounces and spam complaints happen. When they do, troubleshoot by checking the sending history.

Organized into projects

Organize your apps into projects and view data separately in one Sidemail account. Also, this is useful if you have multiple environments (local, staging, production).

15 pre-built email templates and counting

We simplified sending transactional emails to the point, that you don't have to write a single word, let alone touch any HTML. You can choose from multiple pre-built email templates and start sending in no time. This is good news if you're building an MVP!

  • Single sign-on
  • Welcome
  • Trial expired
  • Password reset
  • Account activation
  • Receipt
  • Canceled subscription

Simple integration

Start sending emails in no time. We developed Sidemail API to be extremely simple so you don't need a computer science degree to use it!

Useful defaults

Combined with Sidemail email templates, you can send an email with just two pieces of information - where to send it and which template to use.

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