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All your subscribers in one neatly organized place that always has enough room — we don’t charge per subscriber. Collect email addresses, and grow your email list with simple to set up subscribe forms that are easy to share.

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Contact properties

Make the data structure fit your business, not the other way around. Contact properties are a simple, flexible way to define what you can collect, store, and explore in contact profiles.

  • Unlimited key-value pairs
  • String, number and date types
  • Simple to add and no forced structure

Search and filters

Find the easier way to explore and dive into your data inside of contact profiles. Use chainable filter conditions and real-time search to find what you're looking for in an instant.

  • Lightning-fast search
  • Easy-to-use filtering with multiple conditions

Keep contact profiles up-to-date with API

Let your application automatically add and update data about your users inside Sidemail with a single create-update HTTP API request.

Step-by-step integration guide
Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxx
Content-Type: application/json
  "emailAddress": "",
  "identifier": "123",
  "customProps": {
    "full_name": "John doe",
    "pricing_plan": "premium",
    "registered_at": "2019-08-15T13:20:39.160Z",
    "last_seen_at": "2019-08-20T17:40:39.160Z"

Subscribe forms

Collect new contacts effortlessly without touching a code. Sidemail subscribe forms are super easy to set up, customizable, and wrapped in lovely design which fits your brand.

Subscribe forms
  • CSV import

    Import your mailing list by uploading a CSV file and mapping out the correct data fields.

  • Nice and friendly UI

    We designed Sidemail not only to look nice but also to be easy-to-use. Everything is as clean and user-friendly as possible.

  • First-hand support

    If needed, you'll get personal help from real people, directly from the development team.

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