Anti-spam policy

We have no tolerance towards spam

We trust you, and we assume, you'll only ever send emails to recipients who opted-in to receive emails from you. For example, via subscribe form on your blog to receive updates when a new article comes out. Do not import contacts to Sidemail that you found on the internet, scraped or bought — that's a no go.

You can't send cold emails

You must you a different service than Sidemail to send out cold emails. Sending out emails to recipients who have never opted-in to receive emails from you is against this policy.

Sending reputation

We require your account's bounce rate to remain below 7%, and the spam complaint rate below 0.1%. For Sidemail accounts with a low amount of historically sent emails, we have a slightly different calculation method to prevent rare cases such as when there's a bounce or complaint in just a few emails sent.

Account suspension

We'd hate to go down this route, but if we discover that a Sidemail user attempts to send out spam, or otherwise breaches this policy, we'll immediately suspend his account.

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