Automated email sequences
Set up onboarding email sequence & more

Set up email automation to deliver your email or sequence of emails when a defined event happens — for example, user sign-up. Use it to onboard new users, convert them into paying customers, and minimize churn.

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Automation triggers

Automatically send messages to users' based on what they are doing or not doing in your application. Set up an automation trigger and exit‑goal when contact properties meet the correct conditions.

  • Conditional‑based triggers and exit‑goal
  • Lightweight and simple to set up

Email sequences

Sometimes even an important message slips through the user's inbox. Get ahead and create an email sequence so it never happens again.

This is perfect for SaaS onboarding, boosting your trial-to-paid conversion, re-engaging inactive users, and so much more.

  • As many emails in the sequence as you need
  • Time delay between emails in the sequence
  • Timezone-based delivery

Contact profiles

Send your users' data to Sidemail with API and learn more about your users. When was the last time Bob used your app? What's his current plan? When's the next billing date? To‑dos created count? Get all the answers in a neatly organized contact profile.

  • Enables targeted messages and automation
  • The structure of contact properties is up to you
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No-code email editor

Create branded emails with your logo and matching your brand colors with simple-to-use, no-code email editor.

  • Great design which fits your brand
  • Supports all email clients
  • Essential template elements
No-code email editor

Rich-text email editor

Create personal, content-focused emails with an efficient and pleasure-to-use text editor.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Personalization with variables
  • Emoji support 😻

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