Send product updates & newsletters

Send product update emails (newsletters) and let your users know what’s new in your product with Messenger. It’s as easy as sending an email directly from your Gmail account, except you can send to all users and see the stats.

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Compose your message

Create personal, content-focused emails with an efficient and pleasure-to-use text editor.

This is perfect for

  • Product updates
  • Newsletters
  • Personalized messages

Reach the right audience

Reach the right people at the right time. Filter the recipients based on groups or specific conditions, for example, signup date, plan type, or last seen time.

  • Easy-to-use filtering
  • Multiple conditions
  • Datepicker

See what works

Take out the guesswork and learn what is working and where you can improve. See how your campaigns are performing in real-time, only the metrics you care about, no bloat.

  • Deliveries, and open rate
  • Bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes
  • See individual messages in sending history

Choose the right time

They say there's never a perfect time. That's probably because they don't schedule delivery of their emails for the correct hour and based on the recipient's timezone. You will.

  • Delayed delivery
  • Timezone-based delivery

Know your audience

Send users' data to Sidemail via API. Thanks to this, you can target your emails precisely by users' key specifications.

  • Unlimited contacts for all plans
  • Unlimited key-value pairs
  • Easy-to-use management
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  • Images served from CDN

    All images are served from CDN around the globe to ensure the fastest loading time possible.

  • Variables

    Add recipient-specific information to your email by using variables. Useful for links, dates, amounts.

  • Sending history

    Get a comprehensive overview of every email you send. See the email preview, timeline, status, and more.

  • CSV import

    Import your mailing list by uploading a CSV file and mapping out the correct data fields.

  • Your domain & DKIM

    Use your own domain for sending. For the best delivery results, we automatically set up DKIM and SPF.

  • First-hand help

    Sidemail is built out by two real people. If needed, you'll get the helping hand right from us.

Sending in minutes

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P.S. we can’t keep up the landing pages with all the new stuff we daily ship into Sidemail, so best if you try it and see for yourself! — Patrik & Kristyna