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Let your users know about what you're working on – send newsletters, product updates, and follow‑ups. Create branded emails with no‑code editor and text‑based emails with Gmail‑like editor.

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No-code email editor

Create branded emails with your logo and matching your brand colors with simple-to-use, no-code email editor.

This is perfect for:

  • Application emails
  • Product updates
  • Newsletters
No-code email editor

Rich-text email editor

Create simple, content-focused emails that feel personal with our Gmail-like email editor.

This is perfect for:

  • Follow-ups
  • Quick news
  • Personal messages

Advanced filters

Reach the right people at the right time. Filter recipients based on specific conditions, for example, signup date, plan type, or last seen time.

  • Easy-to-use filtering
  • Multiple conditions
  • Datepicker

Key metrics

Take out the guesswork and learn what is working and where you can improve. See how your campaigns are performing in real-time - only the metrics you care about, no bloat.

  • Total deliveries and recipients
  • Open emails count and open rate
  • Bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribes
  • Preview individual messages in sending history

Scheduled delivery

They say there's never a perfect time. That's probably because they don't schedule delivery of their emails for the correct hour and based on recipients timezone. You will.

  • Delayed delivery
  • Timezone-based delivery

Wait! There is more…

  • Variables

    Add recipient-specific information to your email by using variables. Useful for links, dates, amounts.

  • Contacts API

    Send users' data to Sidemail via API so you can view and target by last-seen-time and so much more.

  • Sending history

    Get a comprehensive overview of every email you send. See the email preview, timeline, status, and more.

  • CSV import

    Import your mailing list by uploading a CSV file and mapping out the correct data fields.

  • Your domain & DKIM

    Use your own domain for sending. For the best delivery results, you can set up DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

  • First-hand help

    Sidemail is built out by two real people. If needed, you'll get the helping hand right from us.

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