Domain verification and DKIM

In order to send emails from your own domain, you have to verify the domain first by setting up a DNS record. This step is required to ensure you have the right to use the domain.

For each of your projects, we provide a pre-generated sending domain that looks like this: {project-name} You can use the pre-generated sending domain for development and testing. However, it's not suited for production use.

Verify your custom domain in your project's settings. During the verifying process, Sidemail will give you a CNAME DNS record that you need to place in your domain's DNS provider. Typically, it takes just a few minutes for DNS changes to take effect. However, it can occasionally take up to 72 hours.

Important: If your domain's DNS provider is Cloudflare, you need to disable Cloudflare proxy (the orange icon) for each CNAME record.

Domain verification

After successful verification

After your domain verification with DKIM is complete you can send emails from any address within the verified domain, for example:

  • support@{domain}
  • your-name@{domain}
  • project-name@newsletter.{domain}
  • hello@from.more.subdomains.{domain}