API errors

Sidemail uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general: Codes in the 2xx range indicate success. Codes in the 4xx range indicate that there was an issue with the request that was sent. Among other things, this could mean that you did not authenticate correctly, that you are requesting an action that you do not have authorization for, or that your request is malformed. Codes in the 5xx range indicate a server error on the Sidemail's side.

Error structure

    "developerMessage": "Not authorized.",
    "errorCode": "authentication-failed",
    "moreInfo": "https://sidemail.io/docs/authentication"

developerMessage string
A brief description of the error. Usually contains instruction on how to resolve the issue.

errorCode string
An error code. Use this to gracefully handle errors.

moreInfo string
A link to an appropriate documentation page.

Complete list of error codes

  • authentication-required
    You need to authenticate this API request with your API key that you can find in API section in Sidemail's dashboard.

  • authentication-invalid
    Check the authentication section on how to properly authenticate API calls.

  • authentication-failed
    Check the authentication section on how to properly authenticate API calls.

  • account-subscription-expired
    Your Sidemail subscription has expired or is past due.

  • to-address-invalid
    A valid email email address that will receive the email. Only ASCII characters are supported.

  • from-address-unverified
    Make sure the fromAddress is verified. To manage verified addresses and domains go to your project settings.

  • parameters-invalid
    Some JSON parameter failed validation.

  • sending-limit-exhausted
    You run out of your monthly sending limit.

  • template-not-found
    Provided template ID or template name doesn't exist. Both fields are case sensitive and whitespace sensitive.

  • account-unverified
    Your Sidemail account is not verified because you haven't verify your email address.

  • email-sending-paused
    Email sending was paused because your project has high bounce or complaint rate.

  • account-suspended
    Your Sidemail account was suspended.

  • json-invalid
    Invalid JSON body.

  • resource-missing
    The ID provided is not valid. Either the resource does not exist, or an ID for a different resource has been provided.

  • access-denied
    Returned when the requested feature is not allowed or a limit is exhausted.

  • error-unknown
    An unknown error occurred.